Why Cadillac?

People ask me, “Why Cadillac?”

I often respond with a rambling if thoughtful analysis. I want to tighten that into a pithy and persuasive response.

Cadillac is the ultimate expression of the American Grand Touring machine.


Driving my V-Series Cadillac is the equivalent to dating a Super Model who is also an Olympic athelete, a trained masseuse, a great dancer, has a great personality, and comes from a good family.

I enjoy my Cadillac because it focuses my sensibilities on finer details.

Cadillac is the essence of luxury performance — grace, power, and style in a finely made American automobile.

What do you think — Why Cadillac? Hit the comments!

10 thoughts on “Why Cadillac?

  1. Once you’ve driven a Cadillac, nothing else ever really measures up. This isn’t compelling to those who have never driven a Cadillac, but it will resonate with those that have.

    Cadillac offers better reliability, better dealer experience, and better performance than any of the alternatives, particularly when the value per dollar is factored in.

    Cadillac offers a model and trim for almost every taste. My CTS-V satisfies my lust for a Corvette with it’s performance emphasis in its suspension and front seats, and thus is a slightly better fit to my tastes than an STS-V, for example. Someone who would not consider a hill climb, autocross, or gymkhana and wants simpler front seats and a better ride would prefer the STS-V. Comparing with the competition, Cadillac offers better performance and a better value, model for model.

  2. I think that asking the question must address a person who has some ability to compare a Cadillac with a comparable car, either in price or in performance and configuration. Give that, we can immediately give reasons of value (lower price for a given car configuration and performance), or of performance for a given price. This is not always simple because some imports are overpriced for their configuration and performance, but value is value.

  3. Good Jim: if you don’t mind a paraphrase: Cadillac offers a compelling value for a high feature, high performance automotive experience.

  4. You can’t have improvement without change. I have another spin that is a little less sterile:

    For almost any taste in a quality automobile, Cadillac offers a superior alternative and better value. Cadillac offers a driving and ownership experience and value for the discriminating driver.

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