Roadtrip in Gas Stop Tweets

Roadtrip! As we traveled from Texas to South Carolina I tweeted our progress at gas or food stops. The Cadillac STS-V is a great touring car — plenty of room, gobs of power. It is a fun car to drive which makes long trips better. The STS-V has the 4.4L supercharged Northstar engine , making 469 hp and 440 lb ft of torque stock, or around 500 crank hp with intake and exhaust as my car has.

First gas stp on the road near Longview.

Unfortunate selection of places to stop; in Louisiana.
We had 340 miles done by this pic, with 840 to go.
340 miles to go. Feels downhill from here but starting to be a long day. It rained along the way so the V needs a good wash.
Only 65 miles to go! Nothing was open by this time. Everyone needed a stop but after midnight only the gas pumps were on. Even the Mcdonalds was drivethrough lane only.

Shot from the stairs above the V while unpacking after arriving safely in South Carolina. We saw lots of deer on the way along highway 17 so that added excitement (!)

2 thoughts on “Roadtrip in Gas Stop Tweets

  1. Sweeet looking V Bruce, time to step up the road trip to the Motor City to experience the Woodward Dream Cruise!!!! Just sayin….

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