More Unsolicited Cadillac Commercials: “If I was Bob Lutz”

My continuing stream of unsolicited ideas for Cadillac commercials:

[group of three auto writers sitting around a table in a booth at a bar/restaurant, autowriter1, autowriter2, autowriter3, talking cars.  Bar is loud.   Beer all around]

autowriter1:  “So I guess we’ll see some new Cadillac commercials soon.”

Autowriter2:  “If I was Bob Lutz”,

[autowriter2 shifts to a deep, gravelly imitation of Bob Lutz’ voice|

Autowriter2: “I’d tell the Branding guys to stop spending all the budget on the talent and the music, and talk about Cadillac performance.  I want to hear in the commercial why these are the finest luxury cars made today.    Tell the true story of how we design new Cadillacs.  Talk about state of the art suspension, suspension tuning, aerodynamics, powerful and economical engines, leading edge styling.”

[autowriter2 bangs the table]

Autowriter2: “If a luxury car buyer is going to stick their butt in a BMW they need to do so knowing they decided NOT to buy the finest performance luxury car made today!”

[autowriter1 and autowriter3 laugh & cheer]

[Waiter brings over a business card with a note handwritten on the back and hands it to Autowriter2.  Zoom in on the Note which reads: “Call me when you get the whole commercial thought out; interesting.  -Bob”.    Autowriter2 flips the card to see it is Bob Lutz’ business card.  He quickly scans the bar and sees Lutz on the way out the door.

Cue Music, Titles;  “Cadillac: We have reinvented the Standard of the World.  Come try one.”]

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