Intercoolant Overflow in, Happy Friday

During my intercooler research I discovered that although the 2006/2007 Cadillac STS-V had a intercooler coolant expansion/overflow reservoir, the 2008/2009 STS-V just has a tube that drains to in front of the battery.    Looking at the system, I suspect that this is because the expansion/overflow is not really needed.  I wanted one though, so I reached out to ebay and picked one up.

Cadillac STS-V Intercooler Coolant expansion/overflow reservoir

This is a photo of the new overflow installed; it is the white tank to the left.  The reservoir bolted right in of course, as it is shaped to fit in that spot.  The tube was tied off to a support, so I disconnected it, plugged it into the reservoir, and it seems set.

Cadillac STS-V Intercoler Coolant Reservoir Vent Hole

The reservoir is vented to atmosphere, so it is not pressurized.

Started my Friday morning by washing the STS-V with the 2-bucket method, car shampoo, and a microfiber towel for scrub, then microfiber towels for drying.  In the 2-bucket method one bucket is used for clean water/soap, the other bucket is used for dirty water and wringing.  So dip the scrub sponge or towel in the clean soap/water, scrub the car, then wash it off and wring it out over the dirty water bucket, repeat.

If I get out by 7 am the sun is not over the house yet and there is time to wash and dry.

I love Cadillac hats anyway, but I don’t have one that I keep in the V.  Clearly I need to change that.

With the nicely clean STS-V I needed to drop by Lowe’s to pickup a fan my Wife had ordered, then grab breakfast, and head to my day. Nice summer morning for Texas at 82F, so  I put the sunroof open, the windows down, and enjoyed the morning.  By the time I arrived at destination my hair was uniformly disheveled in a fairly comical way, straight up on one side and randomly placed everywhere else.

No, I didn’t grab a photo.  Yes, I’ll be adding a car hat.

2 thoughts on “Intercoolant Overflow in, Happy Friday

  1. I want one for my 08–ebay? I cant find them on ebay. Got any ideas why cadillac would do away with the tank. Overflow dexcool in front of battery and potentially paint, i dont like it. My my filler tube fluctuates–and requires filling periodically, is this a potential problem.

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