Insulating intercooler piping

The intercooler plumbing on the Cadillac STS-V heads into the intercooler itself through a pair of pipes above the snout of the supercharger.  These pipes are exposed to the heat of the engine compartment, and are not insulated in any way.  For example, when I went out to verify their size to shop for some insulated sleeves, they were too hot to touch and I feared that my tape measure would melt before I got them sized.  That can’t be helpful for keeping the coolant inside these pipes cold.

Cadillac STS-V Intercooler in/out piping above Spectre intake

One of my next minor projects will be to either add some insulated sheathing to these pipes, or to wrap them with insulated wrap. Yes, the intercooler coolant only rushes through those in and out of the intercooler, but one fewer heat source would be great.

STS-V LC3 Intercooler Flow path & Parts


Here is the initial insulated piping shot.  I like the look of the sheathing but I need to get it squeezed in to cover the pipe better.

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