GM’s Rick Wagoner explains Government Technology Investments

GMBlogs has this video from Rick Wagoner who explains the recent Government decision to make $25B in  loans available to automakers to help develop new technologies:

The Energy Security Bill of 2007 which established the new fuel economy requirements that the Automakers are responding to had built in financial support to assist Automakers in meeting the aggressive new requirements. The funding support passed this weekend is the funding promised by Congress.

One thought on “GM’s Rick Wagoner explains Government Technology Investments

  1. Where’s my pension??? I took the grow-in part of the attrition program offered at the Lansing Grand River GM plant. I am receiving grow-in money until March ’09 when I have my 30 years in, but was told after I signed the attrition papers, that I would only receive pension for the year and 9 months that I worked at the Lansing Grand River Plant. I can’t live on that! I haven’t been able to get a decent job. I earned the full pension why can’t I get it? GM’s has an excess of pension money, I read it in the LGR news letter this past spring. You received a 64% salary increase in times of closing plants and getting rid of employees. Why can’t I get what I earned? Sally Smith

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