Gettting ready to Test: Racelogic Performancebox

Tonight I ordered a Performancebox from Racelogic USA.  This is a GPS Performance meter and data logger.  It should let me do very exact calculations to help with my upcoming suspension testing, and be useful along with my AP-22 for acceleration testing.



The PerformanceBox is suited to:

  • Straight-line performance: 0-60, 0-100, 60-130, 60-0, 0-100-0, ¼-mile etc.
  • Horsepower calculation: calculate both wheel and flywheel HP.
  • Lap Timing: using GPS, there is no need for an external lap timing beacon. Accurate to 1/10th of a second.
  • Speed and Compass display: use it as a super-accurate speedometer, updating 10 times per second, to calibrate or verify your vehicle’s speedometer.

No matter how you use the PerformanceBox, it logs your speed, position, G-forces, and distance to its memory card ten times every second for detailed analysis in the included software.

View your performance and lap data on the PerformanceBox’s built-in display, and log all your data to the SD memory card. Saved data files can easily be stored and compared, to see the difference between cars, drivers, parts, or setups.


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