CTS upgrade to CTS-V suspension

Okay, after some initial confusion, a set of 2005 Cadillac CTS-V front and rear sway bars and bushings should soon be on the way to await installation on my 2005 CTS.

Cadillac CTS-V Front and Rear Swaybars

Cadillac CTS-V Front and Rear Swaybars

To review, my CTS has the 3.6L engine, but the base FE1 suspension.  The CTS comes with 3 suspension variants, FE1, FE2 Lux, or FE3 Sport.  The CTS-V comes with the FE4 V-series suspension.  The difference between the various suspensions are variations and combinations of springs, shocks, and sway bars.  The sway bars perhaps have the greatest influence on handling.  So for my first step I am going to swap to the CTS-V sway bars and then test.

So, I need to be working now on developing a good way to test the base FE1 suspension.  I am thinking a video test to show how the car looks from outside while cornering, to show lean angle, and a G-meter test to show absolute G’s attainable with each setup.  Stay tuned, or reply with advice!

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