Today’s word is Acarpous

Thanks to for Today’s word, acarpous.

Sentence:  I hope that the new Government intervention in the Auto Industry is not acarpous.


adjective: Not producing fruit; sterile.


From Greek akarpos, from a- (not) + karpos (fruit). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kerp- (to gather or harvest) which is also the source of harvest, excerpt, carpet, and scarce.

I hope for the sake of everyone involved in the Industry, and for those of us who enjoy fun, exciting automobiles, that the agressive role that the Government has opted to take in re-shaping the American Automotive Industry doesn’t destroy the very thing they are supposed to be trying to save.

Bankruptcy seems all but inevitable for GM at this point.   Hopefully if they go into Chapter 11 they will in fact re-organize and come out profitable.  It seems all too likely that they will disappear.

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