Favorite Cadillac feature this week: seat heaters

This week the Dallas, Texas area is in the 30s (F) which is generally colder than I prefer. I am also back on my diet, so hopefully more sensitive to cold weather lol.

One of the features of my current Cadillac is front and rear seat heaters. I garage my car overnight, and I have a short commute. So while my Cadillac is not as cold as it might be in the mornings if it were sitting out in the weather, there are only a few minutes during my daily commute for the Cadillac to warm up enough to brace me for a windy parking lot traverse.

That’s where heated seats come in. While the climate control is waiting for the engine to reach operating temperature and provide warmth, the seat heaters are electric and go right to work. By the time I get to work my core is ‘fortified’ for the parking lot slog.

The same would be true for longer commutes of course — faster heat on a cold morning is welcome regardless.

My Cadillac also has a heated steering wheel but I am not as clear yet on that feature — I may have to break down and read the owner’s manual (oh no!).

2 thoughts on “Favorite Cadillac feature this week: seat heaters

  1. Did you ever figure out the heated steering wheel works?

    I enjoy the site. Very little STS V info out there and I have spent alot of time here as I’m considering purchasiing an STS V. Since this was about “Features” I would like to request some information on the stereo. Speaker location, your opinion on sound quality,SPL level if possible. Thanks!

  2. I think the heated steering is as simple as hitting the button on the steering wheel, which has an integrated light to indicate on or off.
    I will bring it up with my Dealer and see if there is an issue with mine next time I am over there for something.

    The STS-V has a 15 speaker Bose entertainment system. My favorite note in that regard is the speakers that are built into the tops of the front seats.
    I think the system does quite well, and of course uses the touch-screen navigation system interface for entertainment selections.

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