Design Police wave Cadillac CTS on through

The Car Design Police blog has a thoughtful blog post on the Cadillac CTS redesign in 2008.  I am mainly a function over form person, but I do appreciate a detailed analysis of design elements with explanations, rationale, and examples.  Very well done opinion piece.

I also love seeing the Allante advertisement that they use to start the article.   This reference because the Allante, designed by Pininfarina, was arguably a clean design.  It was definitely the 1990s-Cadillac-chic look and not the current approach.

Overall positive review:

But after seeing them on the road for a while, the latest CTS is actually a very nice design. It maintains the Art and Science aesthetic but is fuller and more dynamic than the previous CTS or the XLR.

but I would still like this type of analysis even if it were not positive. I know what I like, but not always why. This type of discussion can help educate all of us on what works and why we like it.

One thought on “Design Police wave Cadillac CTS on through

  1. I like reviews by design folks as well–even when I don’t necessarily agree, it’s good to have a context and a language to help understand why things work. In some ways, the practical things, like design, impress me more than “art”, as in design one is focused on solving a problem, in a practical way.

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