Design Police wave Cadillac CTS on through

The Car Design Police blog has a thoughtful blog post on the Cadillac CTS redesign in 2008.  I am mainly a function over form person, but I do appreciate a detailed analysis of design elements with explanations, rationale, and examples.  Very well done opinion piece.

I also love seeing the Allante advertisement that they use to start the article.   This reference because the Allante, designed by Pininfarina, was arguably a clean design.  It was definitely the 1990s-Cadillac-chic look and not the current approach.

Overall positive review:

But after seeing them on the road for a while, the latest CTS is actually a very nice design. It maintains the Art and Science aesthetic but is fuller and more dynamic than the previous CTS or the XLR.

but I would still like this type of analysis even if it were not positive. I know what I like, but not always why. This type of discussion can help educate all of us on what works and why we like it.