Cue the Possibilities in your Cadillac

Cadillac introduced their new Cue Technology this week, or Cadillac User Experience.  More info and a video at the full release.

What if the entire dash board becomes a touch sensitive electronic display?  In the short term it means visually better and more entertaining instruments.

But what can it mean in the long term?  More customization of the instruments available.  I like to know a great deal about what is going on in the Cadillac.   What if I could choose which instruments are displayed, and which information is included — design my own dash display?  I may choose to have a very busy, information intensive dash display.

You may only want to know speed and gas remaining.  What if you could opt for only those pieces of information?  Suddenly use of an electronic display gives many options that were not available before — if Cadillac chooses to empower Buyers to select them.

More displays — bring back onboard diagnostics on all models.  What about 2-way video with OnStar, so I can see the operator as we talk about my destination?  Possibilities; the new CUE technologies bring more possibilities.

Don’t under-estimate the value of beauty and functionality rolled together.  It is these touches that make Cadillac a luxury marque.  But when the new technology opens the way to more control, more easy user-customizations and personalization, and opens our imaginations to what could be, I know Cadillac is on the right path.

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