Cadillac XTS Weekend Test Drive – Pickup

Cadillac XTS weekend test drive is my kind of topic.  Crest Cadillac of Plano, Texas was kind enough to provide a new Cadillac XTS for a weekend test drive.  The Cadillac XTS is the newest Cadillac, just reaching showrooms in June.

Cadillac XTS Weekend Test Drive - Pickup

Cadillac XTS Weekend Test Drive – Pickup

Crest Cadillac is a sponsor here on CaddyInfo and has been terrific about letting me get the new Cadillacs out on the road and review them.  They were kind enough to call when the XTS first arrived for a photo shoot, and agreed that once they had inventory to let one off the lot we could do a test drive.

Here is a shot of my daily driver STS-V after arriving; still having a blast with the V …

Cadillac XTS Weekend Test Drive - Pickup

Cadillac XTS Weekend Test Drive – Pickup


Cadillac XTS Weekend Test Drive – First Impressions

The new XTS looks right at home in my driveway.  The first batch of XTS’s out of the factory appear to be heavily weighted to black.  This is a good color for the XTS.

Cadillac XTS weekend test drive - Driveway

Cadillac XTS weekend test drive – Driveway

There is no gas cap on the Cadillac XTS.  Under the gas fill door one finds just a mechanism ready to receive the pump nozzle.  It recognizes automatically when there is no nozzle inserted and closes.  This works very well, and clearly is the way that all the cars should go in the future.

Cadillac XTS Weekend Test Drive - Gas Cap

Cadillac XTS Weekend Test Drive – Gas Cap

The Cadillac XTS features the new Cadillac User Experience, with touch sensitive center console and programmable dash display.

Cadillac XTS configurable dash

Cadillac XTS configurable dash


I’ll apologize to Cadillac and you the Reader in advance for the dash photos — I will have to study how to get good ones with no glare and flash washout.

My first impressions are this will let you setup the Cadillac XTS so that it is perfect for the information you want to see.  I was able to rapidly add tachometer output to the heads-up display, and re-configure the dash display to include speed limit (!) and heading information.  The dash already had a very nice small navigation inset incorporated, although a full size nav display can be seen on the center console as normal.

Cadillac XTS weather forecast

Cadillac XTS weather forecast

A interesting feature of the XTS is a weather forecast display. It is a selection off the main center console menu, and shows current weather and the near-term forecast.  This is handy to know, and would help with planning your trip.


Smooth pickup of the Cadillac XTS, and I am looking forward to getting to know this thoroughly modern Cadillac.  Please post any questions you have in the comments!

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  4. The “weather” feature still seems to be part of an additional cost XM package. Interestingly, the brand new demo car on my dealer’s lot reported that the feature had expired and wasn’t available with the current XM package.

    What a way to advertise to the customer that they’re going to have to pay a subscription fee for this capability.

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