Chris Brown Cadillac (interlude)

Chris Brown Cadillac (interlude) appears on the album Fortune. 

Chris Brown Cadillac Interlude (courtesy CB_Gomillion_and_Leupold_5D031_300)

Fortune is the fifth studio album by American recording artist Chris Brown, first  released on June 29, 2012.  Track 12 of Fortune has Party Hard, and a partial song named Cadillac (interlude), which begins at about 3 min 56 sec of the youtube clip below.

Chris Brown Cadillac (interlude)

Track 12. “Party Hard / Cadillac (Interlude)” (featuring Sevyn)

Amber “Sevyn” Streeter formerly of RichGirl shares vocals.  She has done earlier work with Chris Brown, and has writing credits on “Strip”, “Keep it between us”, and “International (serious)”.

In Billboard Magazine’s track by track review of Fortune they said:

12. “Party Hard / Cadillac,” feat. Sevyn: ….The song [Party Hard] is accompanied by a short a capella, doo-wop ballad called “Cadillac” in which Brown sings of happiness as he knows it best” “I got a life [sic] movin’ very fast / Got a girl with a big ol’ ass.”

Hopefully the artists will complete this partial track and release it as a song in the future.


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