Working the numbers for a newer Cadillac

I have been watching the Cadillac auto-market and as I have mentioned, have ‘zoned in’ on a 2010 Cadillac CTS Premium  model to replace my 2005 CTS.

2010 Cadillac CTS

The Premium model is the fully-optioned 3.6L V6 CTS.  The major features I want for my next Cadillac as a daily driver are:

  • Sporty or Performance oriented
  • Sunroof or Convertible
  • Affordable – how much I spend matters
  • Lots of Luxury Features, the more the better — Navigation, Bluetooth, Adaptive lighting, etc
  • Under Warranty for several years / Maintainable
  • Under 24K miles

Now I still lust after anything V-Series, but the V choices would be the 2007 Gen 1 CTS-V, the 2008 STS-V, or the 2009+ Gen 2 CTS-V.    The 07’s are moving out of warranty, and the 08’s are just hanging on.  So that leaves the focus on the 09 CTS-V.

Currently the 2010 CTS Premium has an asking price of anywhere from $32K up to $51K (for leftover new models still on dealer lots) depending on price and condition.  The KBB retail value is ~$32K.

The 2009 CTS-V is just slipping below a long period of hanging at $49K down to $45K at the low end, up to $55K or so at the upper range of asking prices.  The KBB retail value is ~$54K.

The 2008 XLR, a 2 seater convertible, is just coming into the low $40s, and ranges to the high $50s.  The XLR gets a star for being a hard top convertible, but a strike for only having 2 seats lol.

My 2005 CTS has a Private seller asking price of $10,865, and trade value of $8,950.  Note that Dealers will then start negotiations at around $4K for the trade, leaving addition room for profits, so I fully anticipate the need to sell the CTS myself privately.  My Cadillac is still under a GM extended warranty for 3 more months, which I feel is a feature for private sales.

Price Comparison:

2009 Cadillac CTS-V 2010 Cadillac CTS Premium 2008 Cadillac XLR
Price Target $46,000 $33,000 $43,000
Trade / Sell 05 -$10,865 -$10,865 -$10,865
Delta Value $35,135 $22,135 $32,135
Tax 6.25% $2,875 $2,063 $2,688
Title $250 $250 $250
Out of Pocket $38,260 $24,448 $35,073

I have taken sales tax on the full Cadillac value in case there is a space between purchasing the new Cadillac and selling the 05.

So the 09 CTS-V remains over 50% more expensive than a 2010 CTS Premium.  The 08 XLR is almost as expensive as a 09 CTS-V, so no sale there.  The numbers still suggest that the 2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Sedan Premium model is the smart buy in for the features I am shopping for.

2010 6.2L V8 SC LSA LoR

Oh, but the song of the supercharged LSA V8 in the CTS-V, and the Magnetic suspension, are strong draws to spend the more money.

Price $47,000.00 $33,000.00
Trade / Sell -$8,500.00 -$8,500.00
total $38,500.00 $24,500.00
Tax 6.25% $2,937.50 $2,062.50
Title $250.00 $250.00
Out of Pocket $41,687.50 $26,812.50

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