@Cadillac Suggestion: V-Series Dealer installed Power Pack

A very popular aftermarket tuning option for the Supercharged V8 LSA engine in current Cadillac V-Series models is to replace the crank case or supercharger snout pulleys, or both, causing the supercharger to spin a bit faster and increase pressure.  This results in a gain of roughly up to 89 rwhp (rear wheel horse power, 111 hp at the crank).  More results here.

The cost of the pulley is often under $700, and the change requires a tune, or calibration of the powertrain control module (PCM).   Wait4Me Performance for example has a popular aftermarket tune (calibration) that matches this approach, as well as a kit for the mod.

However, if the Cadillac Dealer determines that a V-Series car has been modified, they may choose to decline warranty repairs on the powertrain, which can take a lot of the fun out of this as a modification.

What if Cadillac offered this as a Dealer Installed mod?  Here is my plan:

a) Determine cost of the parts — Sells retail for $650 so likely far under $400/kit at 50 kits

b) Develop a calibration to match, or license an existing calibration — worst case $400/kit at 50 kits although likely much less — or Engineering nonrecurring to develop in house of TBD (used $400/kit)

c) Test the calibration and pulley with a car and determine expected impact to warranty.  Estimated 20 hrs of engineering x $200 /hr = $4000  nonrecurring cost.  Amortize over 50 kits = $80/kit

d) Add anticipated additional warranty cost (Guessing it is under $300/car) to the kit cost.

e) Add Cadillac profit of $500 to the kit cost; add Dealer profit of $1000 to kit cost at Dealer.

f) Cost to Dealer: $1,680.  Dealer sells for $2,680 plus install charge of 2 hours at $200 for $2,880.  V-Series could be in and out of the Dealer for under $3K  installed, full powertrain warranty intact.  I believe that the Dealers can sell a ton of 100hp upgrades at $3K installed.

g) Simple alternate:  Allow Dealer installation of approved aftermarket kits (example Wait4Me performance kit) for $300 warranty reserve + Cadillac profit $100 plus Dealer install time $200 + plus Dealer Profit of $100 = $700 installed with existing warranty intact,  in addition to the cost of the aftermarket kit.


Reserve taken for any warranty impact.

Cadillac profits

Dealers profit

Cadillac builds up more data to consider this as a factory option on special models

Herds of 650 hp+ V-Series Cadillacs roaming the land under warranty and tearing up magazine test comparisons

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