The best time to shop for a new Cadillac is

This will seem like core common sense to some of you, but I feel it bears repeating, especially in the car market:

The best time to look for a new Cadillac is while your current Cadillac is still  doing well and going well.

You don’t want to squeeze the deal by depending on selling your Cadillac just in time to have the cash to buy or help fund your next Cadillac.  You want to be in a position to have some cash set aside that you can use to buy the new or new to you Cadillac, and to have time to sell your Cadillac at your leisure.   This way you have no pressure on the acquisition — no timers — and can wait for just the right deal to come along for your perfect next Cadillac.

I am chatting with Darin Partin over at Crest Cadillac to get help in finding my next Cadillac, which hopefully will be a nice used 2010 Cadillac CTS Premium model with under 15K miles, in Crystal Red Tintcoat.  But my shopping journey didn’t start with looking up and realizing my 2005 Cadillac CTS was about ready for replacement.

My shopping journey started as soon as I made the last payment on the 2005 years ago, and started putting funds away to help pay for the next Cadillac.  Almost all cars will need to be replaced at some point — unless you are able to keep a lot of cars — so one should plan ahead for this eventuality and budget appropriately.    It simplifies the deal if you have money in hand and know what Cadillac you want to buy.

If you have ever made payments or leased a car, then you have enough funding to save up and purchase a new or used car with cash.  All you need now is the will to do so and a plan.

My 2005 Cadillac CTS has been a great, reliable car.  But I know I will be getting a replacement, so I have planned and budgeted ahead to do so, and am shopping for the next Cadillac while my 2005 still has lots of miles left.  That’s the best way to shop for a new Cadillac — with money in hand and time to wait for the right deal.

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