Caddyinfo in 5 words or less

I was reading Cristina Favreau’s (The Savvy Entrepreneur) blog entry from last year: 5 Words Or Less

The premise is that one should be able to define their product or service in 5 words.  For, normally the words I use are  Cadillac Information and Discussion.  Sometimes given room I expand this to Cadillac Information, Discussion, How-to and Community or similar.

But what are Cadillac Enthusiasts (our target market) looking for when they search the web?  Probably help with a problem with their Cadillac, or features of a new Cadillac, or ?

Perhaps NOT Information or Discussion, which while descriptive to me are not natural search terms — few would say “Gosh, I think later I’ll search the internet for a good site that has Cadillac Information”.  Instead, they might search for “Cadillac Deville Struts” or similar, and never realize that Caddyinfo would be a good place to talk about struts, diagnosing struts, advice on replacing struts, alternatives, etc.

So what might be a better way in 5 words to describe Caddyinfo?  Here are some of my ideas; what are your ideas? :  Cadillac Help, Repair Advice, & Enjoyment  Cadillac Problems, Fixes, and Fun  Cadillac Talk, Advice, and Solutions

I will offer a Caddyinfo T-shirt or Cadillac Hat for the best responses by the end of October if I am able to select and use one that is better than those shown as the new subtitle for