Online Success Hints over Dinner

I had a nice dinner at Mimi’s Cafe in McKinney with Sweetie Berry of She’s So There and her traveling crew last night.  Sweetie was in town as part of the Thelma Wells Ready to Win Conference in Grapevine, Texas.  Luckily, she is also my younger (as she points out frequently!) sister, so she was kind enough to slow down for dinner on the way out of town.


L to R: Les, Bruce, Sweetie, Madison, Merrill, Robert

I’m afraid we bored everyone with website/networking talk, but I wanted to hear about the exciting things she has been up to in marketing and branding, and to get her input on some things I have been considering here at CaddyInfo to try to reach more Cadillac owners.  She had some plain talk about things I already knew but had not gotten around to fixing (so I went home and got started on those!).  But some of the things that she is consulting/coaching/enabling right now — marketing, branding, image, product development — are things that I need  to learn to do better to help develop more ‘reach’.

I am ALL about talking to people who know how to do stuff you need to know how to do.  Especially if you know them lol.

Sweetie also some suggestions about how to organize and energize regional get-togethers for our CaddyInfo Readers.  I hope to put some more thought in on that and try to do more in this area.

One of my resolutions this year was to get our forum ‘up to speed’ — we had simply outgrown the hardware we were on (yay).  So the new hardware setup is a leap more expensive, but it was well past time for us to upgrade in order to match the 125+ simultaneous Cadillac lovers we are running lately on the forum.

I should also mention that my brother Robert also joined us for dinner.  Robert is an accomplished blogger.   He is a great model of how to maintain a consistent ‘voice’ across multiple media & platforms.  He is also doing some interesting things at ccmixter.

Mimi’s Cafe was good as always, and the service was excellent.