Caddyinfo Cadillac Keychains

Jeff Foster of ( keychains ) sent me over two sample Cadillac-related keychains to use as site give-aways.  They are each metal, with a tab and ring, and have an attractive Cadillac logo on one face and are engraved ‘’ on the opposite face.


The left keychain is a Cadillac TearDrop Keychain and has a more complex, articulated axis that allows more degrees of freedom for movement of the keychain tab.  This design gives a greater impression of sophistication.  The right sample is a Cadillac Black Teardrop Keychain, and  has a simple loop through which the key chain ring passes. The summary shopping page for all of their Cadillac keychains is Cadillac keychains.  Of these two the Cadillac Teardrop keychain is my favorite.

Here is the reverse side of one of the keychains, which say “”:


Each keychain has a good weight to it.  I am very happy with the quality of the product, and feel these will make nice prizes:  I plan to use the keychains as give-aways for an upcoming forum contest. is having a contest as well.  If you purchase a key chain from them and specify promo code: caddyinfo you get a 10% discount on your order, and  the website who refers the most purchasers will receive a prize.

I would like to say thanks to for sponsoring the prizes for our next forum contest!