Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon is for you if…

Cadillac offers a Sport Wagon variant of the CTS Sedan.  The CTS Sport Wagon is a new take on the classic station wagon — full CTS luxury in front, full hauling space in back.

2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon Rear View

The Escalade offers a ton of room.  The SRX offers similar flexibility.  What the CTS Sport Wagon offers is the great sedan ride and handling and the flexibility and utility of a wagon.

If you need  to seat 4 or 5 occasionally and you need space with easy access to haul scuba gear, golf clubs, TVs — the things we end up needing to haul now and then — the CTS Sport Wagon makes it easy to get them in and out of your Cadillac.  That is what luxury is all about — a vehicle that makes your lifestyle easier.

Today’s question to ponder: Are these the tallest tailfins Cadillac has ever offered?

Fun fact: If you look closely at this photo from Cadillac, that is the 2.9L Diesel variant, only available in export models.


Cadillac’s first-ever North American wagon is a progressive take on the classic wagon body style that delivers significant functionality and fuel efficiency, including up to an estimated 28 mpg highway. It is a unique vehicle intended to connect with the changing priorities of luxury consumers.

The CTS Sport Wagon is essentially the same size as the acclaimed CTS sport sedan on the outside. However, the new Sport Wagon nearly doubles carrying capacity, with 25 cubic feet (720 liters) of space behind the rear seats; and 53.4 cubic feet (1,523 liters) with the rear seat folded. Design highlights include:

  • Signature V-shaped deck and tailgate motif
  • Large, vertical taillamps with light-pipe technology
  • Power-opening liftgate (via key fob or in-vehicle button)
  • CHMSL-integrated roof spoiler
  • Integrated roof load management system with cross bars for a seamless appearance
  • Cargo management system with adjustable in-floor containment
  • New 19-inch wheels
  • Large available panoramic rear sunroof

Available features include those of the well-appointed CTS Sport Sedan, including all-wheel drive, a 40-gigabyte internal hard drive, pop-up navigation screen and a hand-cut-and-sewn cabin.

Design details

“It’s a taut, sleek design,” said Clay Dean, global design director for Cadillac. “The drama of the sedan is amplified in the wagon, as the centerline cue that is part of the exterior and interior is more prominent and plays a stronger role in defining the design at the rear of the vehicle.”

One of the more interesting integrations of form and function is the seamless roof load management system. Rather than stylized stanchions, brackets and cross bars that protrude above the roof line, the CTS Sport Wagon’s system blends with the roofline, maintaining an uninterrupted appearance. The center section of the roof panel angles downward inside the roof edges, allowing an unobtrusive placement of the cross bars – and creating a subtle fin effect at the trailing edges of the rear panels.

“They’re not fins in the classic sense, but they work to help disguise the cargo load system and they acknowledge Cadillac’s design heritage. Functionality was certainly a guiding factor during development, but so was our desire to inject emotion into the normally sedate wagon category,” said Dean.

The interior of the Sport Wagon is common with the sedan, including streamlined instrumentation, LED lighting and hand-cut-and-sewn accents with French stitching.


Direct injection (DI) technology is integral to the CTS Sport Wagon. It maintains fuel economy and lowers emissions, while improving power. DI delivers fuel more precisely to increase the efficiency of combustion. This means less fuel is consumed and lower emissions created; it also reduces cold-start emissions by up to 25 percent.

A 3.0L DI V-6 is the standard engine and it’s rated at 270 horsepower (201 kW). Along with direct injection technology, the 3.0L engine employs variable valve timing to optimize power and fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Estimated highway fuel economy on 3.0L-equipped models is 28 mpg.

The CTS Sport Wagon also offers an optional 3.6L DI V-6 engine that produces 304 horsepower (227 kW). It is a larger-displacement member of the engine family that also includes the standard 3.0L engine. Both engines balance performance and efficiency while operating on regular unleaded gas – many competitors to the CTS require premium fuel.

GM Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic transmissions back both engines. The CTS Sport Wagon – like the CTS Sport Sedan – offers optional all-wheel drive.

Interior elements

On the inside, the CTS Sport Wagon takes the successful formula of its sedan predecessor and adds a level of storage capability, making it a compelling alternative to an SUV or larger vehicle. The rear cargo area contains an integrated cargo management system that stows neatly under the floor when not in use. The standard power liftgate is operated by push-button and can be programmed to lift to a specific height.

The cockpit and rear seating areas of the Sport Wagon are shared with the award-winning CTS sedan. The CTS’ interior emphasizes technical precision with elegant, hand-crafted details. An integrated center stack design, with either a satin metallic finish or genuine Sapele Pommele wood, blends into the lower instrument panel that sweeps forward and away from front-seat occupants. The hand-assembled center console leads seamlessly into the center stack, providing a sportier “cockpit” feel for the driver and passenger without compromising space.

Available heated and ventilated seats incorporate “thin-seat” technology for maximum occupant comfort and enhanced rear-seat leg, knee and foot room. French stitching is used throughout the interior, including the upper instrument panel, door inserts, seats and the shifter boot.

Driving dynamics

The CTS chassis enables a great balance of performance and luxury. The hardware includes structural enhancements via a tower-to-tower brace; large, four-wheel disc brakes and premium steering. Three suspension tuning levels are available: FE1 (standard), FE2 (standard on 3.6L models and optional on 3.0L models) and the FE3 sport suspension with a summer-only tire (RWD only).

All models feature an independent short/long arm (SLA) front suspension system, with performance characteristics optimized with the use of low-mass aluminum for the upper and lower control arms, as well as the knuckles. Hydraulic control arm front bushings are used for motion control and help minimize high-speed road vibration by damping energy transmitted through the vehicle structure. Also, hollow front stabilizer bars bring weight savings and are sized specifically to each of the three available suspension levels.

A multi-link rear suspension, with a fully isolated subframe that delivers excellent kinematics, contributes to a superior ride with excellent handling. The CTS Sport Wagon also features advanced chassis technology in the form of Cadillac’s StabiliTrak electronic chassis control system. It integrates the car’s standard four-channel ABS with the full-function traction control, hydraulic brake assist and engine drag control systems.

Infotainment and vehicle technology

The CTS Sport Wagon incorporates the industry’s best attributes, advanced technologies and electronics, including:

  • Integrated iPod/MP3 capability
  • Hard drive audio system
  • Navigation system
  • Adaptive forward lighting system
  • Available Bluetooth connectivity
  • Keyless Access and Smart Remote Start
  • Bose 5.1 Cabin Surround™ audio system
  • Ultrasonic park assist and more

Safety features

The 2010 CTS Sport Wagon is designed to enhance Cadillac’s reputation for providing safe occupant environments in luxury vehicles. Details include:

  • Dual-stage driver front air bag
  • Segment-first dual depth front passenger air bag
  • Driver and front passenger side seat-mounted pelvic/thorax side air bags
  • Roof-rail side curtain air bags that cover front and rear seating rows
  • Front safety belt pretensioners
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Body structure with strategically placed high-strength steel

As with other Cadillac models, the 2010 CTS Sport Wagon comes standard with a full year of OnStar, featuring Turn-by-Turn Navigation, a factory-installed, fully integrated GPS navigation system.

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