Please Don’t Steal my Escalade #Cadillac #soundtrack

I wrote a new song called “Please Don’t Steal my Escalade” last week.  Cadillac Escalades frequently top the ‘most stolen’ vehicle lists.

Here is a link to the song:

Please give it a listen.  I think this song could be part of  a fun commercial for Cadillac.

Scene: Recording studio, band performing
Camera angle: show the mixing boards and a view through the window of the band recording, with 2 engineers in the booth.  Sound is live. Shoot with a studio band performing the song; mix with video of Escalades  being driven on the   booth walls around the band.

Cast the studio band with a mix of ages, but the lead singer needs to be younger – 20s/30s.  Final scene is with the Producer in the booth murmuring “I tell you what I’d do if someone tries to roll with my Escalade!”  and a nod in reply from the 2nd Engineer.  Perfect if the Producer is the ‘name’ talent and has the line.

It would show a sense of humor and perhaps help humanize the Escalade theft issue.


Copyright Bruce W Nunnally 2011
Original Mix – Adult Contemporary


I got a new Escalade
‘Cause I need it
To carry pieces that I need
To do all the things I do
To do the things that I do

Please don’t steal my Escalade
It’s an instrument I need
How I play the notes of my life
It’s my Cadillac

We both want my Escalade
But let’s think of how you’ll feel
When You have your own
You’ll say to some guy,
Hey You! Please don’t steal my Cadillac!

Please don’t steal my Escalade
It’s an instrument I need
How I play the notes of my life
It’s my Cadillac


Please don’t steal my Escalade
It’s the way that I do
The things That I do
You know that we all want to
Just do the things that we do

What do you think?  Would this make a fun commercial?

Who is Kate Walsh appealing to in her Cadillac CTS?

Ms. AdverThinker has an interesting opinion piece on the targeting and impact of the Kate Walsh Cadillac CTS commercial.  The blog is a speculation on Cadillac’s targeting of the female demographic, and the writer’s feelings or response to the commercial.

The commercials are playing again, and again, I asked a friend: is it weird that I really like these commercials?  This sparked an interesting conversation about who Cadillac is really targeting.  I assume that it is single, successful females-without young children-who connect with the the Addison Montgomery character of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

I was surprised to consider that Cadillac was targeting a female demographic at all in this piece.  I consider a very attractive woman driving a Cadillac in a competitive manner appealing to a male demographic.  Perhaps because I consider the commercial from my point of view of course, and not as a targeted advertisement.

“In today’s luxury game, the question isn’t whether or not your car has available features like a 40-gig hard drive. It isn’t about sun roofs or Sapelli wood accents, popup nav screens or any of that. No, the real question is: When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?”

Advertising Age in their write up in 2007 echoed the idea that most people who DON’T drive a current Cadillac may be under the mistaken impression that Cadillac makes floaty land yachts and not high performance luxury sedans.  Their take on the response women might have from Kate Walsh’s performance in the commercial:

And so will women, who are sure to see this brazen foxiness as empowering — and maybe more than that.

I am glad to see Cadillac is still running this commercial a year later, which is a very long life for a commercial. Hopefully the success of this example will lead to other similar commercials that communicate features of modern Cadillacs well.