Cadillac CTS Press Book Review #Cadillac #eBook #bookreview

CaddyInfo Community Member Roger Martinsen was nice enough to review my new book, Cadillac CTS Pressbook, 2003-2011:

Cadillac CTS Press Book $4.95

Hi Bruce!

Now i have read your excellent book…Very interesting reading and very fine pics, the description was excellent, very easy to understand with all the diagrams!  I didnt know that the CTS were rear wheel driven and with the engine standing straight…it must make it easier to repair the engine and transmission regarding to space!

If I ever sell my STS 1995 i will surely consider a CTS…When i get around to get a new Cadillac i will look at the CTS!

That is terrific praise — Roger not only enjoyed the book, but it improved his opinion of the Cadillac CTS.  Give people the facts “…and let the best car win!” as GM likes to say.  Because of the size of the book Roger had some issues getting it through the interwebs into Sweden, but he enjoyed it once it arrived.

The Cadillac CTS Press Book is available for sale online with instant download; click on the image link to purchase for US$4.95.  There is a 30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee available with every order.  The book is in easily accessible Adobe PDF form, so you can grab it and read it on your desktop, or laptop, etc.

This CTS Press Book would also be a great asset for Cadillac Dealer Staff Sales training, or as a year by year shopping guide for Cadillac buyers.  Knowledge is power.  Great reading for when you are on the plane and have time to spend enjoying Cadillacs.

I have started working to compile the next book in the series, the Cadillac DTS Pressbook, 2000-2011.