Supercharged 3.6L Cadillac CTS?

KPE is the distributor for a supercharger kit soon to be released by IPF Tuning targeted at the GM LLT 3.6L V6 engine.  The stock engine in the 2008-2011 CTS made 304 hp.  With this new supercharger a 3.6L V6 would have 400+ hp — a bit more power than the stock LS6 or LS2 V8s in the 04-08 CTS-V!

The kit targets the LLT due to its use as the standard engine in the Chevrolet Camaro, but fitment there also enables fitment for the Cadillac CTS 3.6L.  It is not clear if the same kit will work equally well on the 2012 LFX engines until further testing and tuning has been done.

IPF’s test claims are an improvement to 435 hp and 360 lb ft of torque.  For the CTS 3.6L that power would change it from a 6.3s 0-60 time to under 5.1s under ideal conditions, and get it into the 13s in the quarter mile.  Cost of the kit for the Camaro is US$5,590, with a $1K deposit for pre-orders.  As of this article kits do not appear to be shipping yet.

Although $5K+ seems expensive that is a reasonable market price for a full supercharger kit.  Remember there are advantages to buying a pre-engineered kit with some certainty of working properly when installed!


The kit appears to be complete, to allow for easy installation.  It includes supercharger, intercooler, and appropriate custom brackets and mounting hardware.

The Supercharger head unit is a Vortech V3 Self contained unit! No drilling into the oil pan or complicated plumbing. The intercooler is a thick core for maximum cooling efficiency with minimal pressure drop. Silicone hoses and couplers and stainless steel clamps. All the hardware is high quality and made in the USA. A Powertrain Warranty is available from IPF and is valid when the kit is installed by an ASE Certified Technician.  The kit will sell for $5590.00 plus shipping. The Powertrain Warranty is $275.00 which covers engine and transmission. Again most of the forced induction (Turbo kits) do not offer a Powertrain Warranty!!!

This is a video of a Camaro V6 with the supercharger kit installed.

The video notes:

IPF Supercharged and tuned 2011 Chevrolet Camaro V6 (LLT); For more information and available applications for select GM models, check out

KPE Products Contact info:

Dave Loucks

We are currently producing the IPF Supercharger for the 2010-11 Camaro V6. The kits will begin shipping the week of January 16th. There are some kits on backorder but we can still take preorders as of today. Camaro enthusiasts can still put down a deposit to guarantee they get one out of this initial production run!

After we complete this first production of IPF Superchargers for the Camaro, we will be moving on the CTS. Our intent is to have the CTS kit available in the next 90 days. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

The guys at DREVolution Motorsports are reporting that they are actually measuring 420-430 Hp at the wheels from Camaro testing.  That would suggest almost 500 hp at the crank.

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16 thoughts on “Supercharged 3.6L Cadillac CTS?

  1. I have a 14′ CTS performance coupe which i drive with a soft foot. I would however like more passing or just getting on the highway power. Is the supercharger kit something i should invest in? Will the stock 3.6 handle this ?

  2. Adding a supercharger will cost approx $7K plus installation, and is likely to void your powertrain warranty. It is a good option if you really want a lot more power out of the 3.6L and can’t swap to a V for some reason. Are you using sport mode and manual shifting? Those can give more umph and quicker response in the situations you are describing.

  3. Will the supercharger kit for the 3.6 in a 2011 Cadillac CTS fit the 3.0 2011 CTS?

  4. I would think so, although the supplier would be the best source of info. I suppose the 3L and 3.6L use the same computer and configuration.

  5. Can you please share the link again where the kit for the 2009 CTS 3.6 can be purchased ?….thank you

  6. I have 2013 caddy CTS…awd….i see it as a plus but nobody mentioned it. I am good to get blown…lol…never a bad time for me

  7. It is surprising in a way that Cadillac has not done an AWD V-spec car. I get the ‘no extra weight’ argument, but it certainly helps a lot with traction, especially in real world conditions.

  8. Is it possible to convert a 3.6L V6 base model into a V series by adding the component from the V series block…like adding the twin turbo, water to air inter cooler, new oil filter mount, cams, injectors and etc…?

  9. Each of the V-Series is created on the same platform as the base models, so yes if you had a donor V-Series all the parts could be transferred over to upgrade. However, the parts are extensive – powertrain and suspension and brakes generally.

  10. Is it possible to fix the front and rear bumper of a 2016 Ats V-series to a Ats that is not…I have a 2014 Ats 3.6L that I’m gathering parts to V-series it out…performance wise and hopefully cosmetics too

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