Cadillac ATS photos with notes


Continues the CTS Art and Science design themes, which can be difficult on a smaller car.  The best critique received is that it looks too conservative — what the critics don’t recognize is that Cadillac has masterfully made a small car look as good as the mid-size CTS.  The team stayed with 18″ wheels to save weight, but they look in proportion to the ATS.

Hidden front bumper. High tech lighting solutions. Conventional door handles retained to keep the chrome touches?


The electronic dash display is configurable in the CUE system.  The center console display is all a touch screen.  There is available HUD (Heads up display).

Interior appears to be evolutionary from CTS, which is good.  Looks very streamlined and well laid out.   Variety of colors is interesting and has a sporty appeal.


What are the down-sides?

Everything is scaled to a smaller car to save weight, increasing performance and MPG.

  • Rear leg room is reduced
  • Small trunk space at 10 cubic feet
  • Smaller gas tank at 16 gallons
  • 6L45 transmission lighter, but also less robust, less room for more power

These are all likely good trades to the target audience.

First Impressions

Wow they got it under 3,400 lbs! Looks good so far can’t wait to see more & get more details.


What are the performance numbers for the Turbo? for the 3.6L V6? What will the prices be?  When does the ATS-V arrive?

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