Sprouting new gadgets

Sproutbuilder is a very interesting online application which provides a visual editor to enable the easy creation of flash-compatible graphic objects.  I was able to quickly and easily use sproutbuilder to make a flash gadget that grabs the RSS feed from here on the blog and posts it to the caddyinfo website page at http://www.caddyinfo.com .  Very cool and easy to use and helpful.

The resulting SWF file is hosted on the sproutbuilder server, which I guess is great for most usages, but I will have to research to see if there is a simple way to grab it and selfhost the swf file.

1 thought on “Sprouting new gadgets

  1. No worries; on the publish tab one can access and save off the resulting swf file, then selfhost and edit the object code suggested to point at the selfhosted version.

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