Cadillac to add 3.0L engine at 270hp? has an update on the SRX here but the really juicy rumor part of the short article is this:

Aside from being rumored to have FlexRide, we also have heard that one of the powertrains in the new SRX will be GM’s 3.6L direct-injected High-Feature V6. This, to us, is a no-brainer considering that particular engine has been the V6 of choice for most higher-end products at Cadillac. In the CTS, that powertrain is rated at 304 HP, so we assume the SRX will wear the same. GMI has not heard what low-end engine will be offered on the SRX. We have been told that a 3.0L direct-injected High-Feature V6 is in development and that it would be good for about 270 HP. Possibly it will show its face for the first time in the SRX??? If not, one has to assume the SRX will use the same 3.6 base engine that the CTS uses.

A 3L DI V6 making 270hp would certainly be an interesting addition to the menu!

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