Finding those small odd Cadillac parts

Ever need a small part for your Cadillac, but wonder if they even offer that part separately, or if it is part of an assembly?

Ever reach into your car to move something, and manage to break a part off in  your hand?

The nice people at have a solution for you.

At their site from the home page on the left under the heading “vehicles” you can click on Cadillac.  Then drill down to your year and model of Cadillac.  Finally, choose the diagram that seems to contain the part or section of the Cadillac that you are looking for.  For example, let’s look for the lean-back lever on the manual passenger seat in a 2005 Cadillac CTS base model.

Drilling down to 2005 CTS, we can see that the seats are on diagram 14.

Drilling down through the images within that section, we can see the manual seat leaver is on 2005-2007 DM,DN69 SEAT ASM/PASSENGER (EXC POWER ADJUSTER AH8)

Comp Nine Seat Lever Image

In this diagram the seat lever is marked as item #14.  In the table below the diagram we can identify item 14 as HANDLE,P/SEAT RECL(INCLS 15)(NEUTRAL)

There are actually several #14’s, one for each interior color.  The GM part number is 88897411, and clicking on that part number in the table tells me which other vehicles this part is used on.

Finally, I can see that CompNine offers this lever for sale for $44.89.

All in all these diagrams are a nice service, as they give another source of information for how the vehicles are put together, which parts are available separately as opposed to part of a larger assembly, and the approximate cost of each individual part.

CompNine has become one of my favorite reference sites.

This Blog Tithes for the Hungry

Tithing is the practice of taking 1/10 (a tithe) of the produce of an activity and setting it aside for charity.

The idea of “This Blog Tithes for the Hungry” is to pledge 1/10 of the income of a website / BLOG / endeavor to the charity of your choice that is involved in the fight against hunger.  It is something that I would like to get started, and to spread.  Can you help?

Which or what charities qualify?

Any charity that is involved in helping feed the hungry.  The money given must end up going to help feed the hungry.

How can I select a Charity? supports the North Texas Food Bank

You can pick a local Food Bank, or other organization or cause that is involved in helping feed the hungry.

How is 1/10 measured?

The measure is 1/10 of the income produced by the website.  In other words, 1/10 of the net income after expenses.

How is the Tithing checked?

The program is voluntary and self-moderating.  Let your conscience be your guide.

Isn’t this a religious thing?

This is a thing to help those who don’t have enough to eat.  If helping the poor or hungry is a religious thing to you then yes this is a religious thing.  If it is not a religious thing to you, but just something you want to do, then that is okay too.

Can I still claim This Blog Tithes for the Hungry” if I don’t have any income from my BLOG?

That’s a personal choice.  I would decide based on whether your efforts resulted in helping feed the hungry.  For example if your BLOG has NO income but you choose to contribute monthly to help feed the hungry out of some other source of funding, or by volunteering time or effort to help feed the hungry then you are doing it right.

Why would I want my BLOG to join?

  • To Help feed the Hungry
  • To Encourage your Readers to Help and Give to Charities
  • To communicate publically that a portion of the proceeds of the website go to Charity

Is there a Cool Logo?

In work.  My thinking is to have a 125×125 graphic patch that is easy to display, perhaps in a widget that contains the guidelines etc.  Volunteers needed here with suggestions & ideas.

Image Idea BN-01

Image idea BN-02

Button 3 suggested & created by Sweetie of (Thanks!)

Image Idea SB-03

How do I get started with “This BLOG Tithes for the Hungry”?

Think about it.  BLOG about it.  Suggest improvements.  When you are ready, pledge to give 1/10 of your web income to help feed the hungry.   Then put up a cool logo that says that you did it.  Let the charity of your choice know that you are onboard so they can celebrate as well.

Hey, This is Cool but what if…

This is very much a work in progress / idea in progress.  If you have helpful suggestions or want to help move this idea along please comment / replay / let me know.  I am much more analytical than social, so help is appreciated.

License details for re-use of this blog entry:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Sharing Christmas #NTFB

My Wife and I had a lovely dinner out last evening for a private holiday party at Brio Tuscan Grille in Allen, Texas.    The ambiance was excellent, everything tasted delightful, and we had a nice time visiting with other guests.  The service was excellent, and attentive.  The room was well decorated and pleasant.  It was a bit narrow for getting around to socialize with everyone, but that was an easy enough obstacle to overcome.  My Wife looked wonderful, and it was a fun evening.

Reflecting on the appetizers, meal, and dessert we enjoyed, after the party I sent a donation  over to North Texas Food Bank (NTFB).   Using quantities of scale in purchasing and networking they are able to turn every $1 you send to them into 4 meals for people who need them.

For many of us, the holidays bring thoughts of cheerful gatherings, gift giving and going back for seconds. But for thousands of North Texas kids, families and seniors, all that comes to mind is “Where will I find my next meal?”

A lot of us could do more than we do.  So here is my modest suggestion:  When you receive a free meal this Holiday Season like the lovely dinners we enjoyed last night at Brio, consider sending the cost of that meal on to people who are in need.    So for example, I considered what our visit might have cost if we were paying, and then donated an equivalent amount to NTFB.

That is one way to Share Christmas in a way that really matters with people who really need a little more Christmas in their lives.

If I forget to mention it to you personally, I hope you have a Merry Christmas.