Spectre stainless steel sheathed intercooler hoses

One of the great things about OEM heater systems is that they have hoses exactly bent and shaped the way needed, so that the hose is perfectly formed for the job.  Good advice for aftermarket installations like my intercooler cooling mods is to measure out exactly what type of hose you need, then go look at the big books of existing OEM hoses at an auto parts store and find the one snowflake that is similar to your needs.

Another option is the Spectre stainless steel sheathed heater hose, 39798, which is designed to allow a variety of hose turns without kinking or crimping.

Spectre hoses in their packaging

The hoses I need are 3/4″ inner diameter. These Spectre hoses are rubber hoses with a stainless steel braided sheath around the rubber.  For Spectre 39798 the hoses are 4 ft (48 inches) long.
Here is a shot out of the packaging:

Vanity shot of the hose out of the packaging

The sheathing helps prevent hose crimping. After playing with one of the hoses in various bends I would say it is helpful in resisting but does not eliminate crimping. So I will still need to ensure that the hose routing helps as much as possible to avoid crimping the hoses.

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