Roadtrip Report: Thanksgiving 2009

Didn’t want to miss an invite to have Thanksgiving at my Dad’s place, but also concerned because my Wife is ill and hated to leave her home sick for Thanksgiving.  So Son2 and I set out in the Cadillac CTS at 7 am, had a nice visit and bountiful lunch in Arkansas, then got back in the Cadillac and cruised home to Plano.  We had planned to stay longer, but felt that a quick roundtrip really worked better for everyone.

As always, our 2005 Cadillac CTS made a terrific touring sedan.  Son2 slept in the back both directions, which left me free to make XM radio selections that suited me.


Me enroute

The fact that you can see the road ahead in my glasses and not my eyes is artistic. Yeah, that’s it.

The 2005 Cadillac has a 5-speed Automatic Transmission. At highway speeds it cruises at an economical 2,500 rpm.

Arkansas State line as we passed through Texarkana.  Traffic was reasonable both ways, although on the way back to Texas there were more and more commercial trucks on the road.  Hopefully they all got to have a good Thanksgiving too.

Virginia puts on a terrific spread. I helped by staying out of the kitchen during preparation.  Lunch was excellent.

I would like to say I had NO dessert, and ate only healthy things. I would *Like* to say that, but it would not be true.

Not everyone was able to come, so we missed them. Lovely table setting though.  It was not blurry or whatever the camera phone side-effect we see here is in person.  I blame Son2, because he was somewhere nearby when I grabbed this shot.

The CTS got a very good 27.2 mpg on the way back to Texas. The 3.6L variable valve technology V6 is a good match for this luxury performance sedan.

Overall it was a good trip.  I am thankful that we had such warm Hosts for Thanksgiving, and that everyone understood why we had to eat and run.  I hope you had a good Thanksgiving where you are.

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