Re: Wagon Ho! Cadillac Explores a New Trail

Regarding this article: Wagon Ho! Cadillac Explores a New Trail | The Jacksonville Observer.

I was wondering about Cadillac’s production volume expectations for the CTS Sedan vs CTS Sport Wagon vs CTS Coupe:

But Cadillac says the wagon will be low volume, with sales reaching “four digits.” Coupe sales will reach five. The sedan had sold nearly 32,000 through October.

So they may be hoping that the CTS Coupe sales will be near or half CTS Sedan sales, as were the Eldorado sales in relation to the Seville through the 90s.  Although there will be some shared customers, I find that 2-door (Coupe) and 4-door (Sedan) customers are surprisingly different ‘factions’, especially on forums like‘s.


Also this note:

Young or old, male or female, those who saw the wagon had an opinion. Thanks to CTS, all knew it was a Cadillac. Instant recognition, though friend and foe questioned why a wagon, since those bearing Mercedes and BMW labels are mostly invisible?

This reflects Cadillac’s success at defining their current brand very well.  This is the goal, NOT that all the vehicles look THE SAME, but that any Automobile person would instantly recognize that this is a model of Cadillac.  Good news.

The extended Cadillac Family will soon include:

  • CTS Sedan RWD / AWD
  • CTS Coupe RWD / AWD
  • CTS Sport Wagon RWD / AWD
  • CTS-V Sedan / CTS-V Coupe
  • Escalade / Escalade EXT / Escalade ESV / Escalade Hybrid
  • ATS Sedan/Coupe/Convertible?  ATS-V?
  • XTS Sedan/Coupe? XTS-V?
  • Converj Coupe

Hmm, I wonder if we WILL see an XTS Coupe?  The Coupe DeVille was a classic example of a large-car 2-door, and there likely is still a market for these.

1993 Cadillac Coupe deVille

1989-1993 Cadillac Coupe deVille

Read More: Wagon Ho! Cadillac Explores a New Trail | The Jacksonville Observer.

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