Re: CanadianDriver: Cadillac DTS

Good summary of the current Cadillac DTS on CanadianDriver.

A big, luxurious sedan in the old-school Cadillac tradition, the DTS is surprisingly nimble and very comfortable. An optional front bench seat makes for six-passenger seating. The base engine is sufficient for this car, but the higher-horsepower engine is a good fit, especially with the corresponding performance enhancements and the extra luxury touches. Available options include a lane departure warning system and a side “blind zone” alert.

Read the full review: CanadianDriver’s New Car Buyer’s Guide: Cadillac DTS.

Please see this detailed blog post on the DTS Platinum

2010 Cadillac DTS Platinum copyright GM

2010 Cadillac DTS Platinum copyright GM

If you are looking for a large, all-weather FWD Cadillac with maximum luxury and good performance, the DTS or DTS Platinum fit the bill.  The DTS and the CTS are very different cars, which I think is good.  Cadillac has a very wide range of vehicles, so that Buyers can select the type of Cadillac vehicle that suits their lifestyle and tastes.

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