Re: Can I drive a Caddy and still be cool?

What a terrific response to this question:

What do you think about a younger man driving a Cadillac – am I wandering into my Grandpa’s territory?

I suggest you read the entire response, but there is the flavor:

These days, Cadillac has re-emerged. GM has worked with a vengeance towards correcting their late-century faux-pas. They’ve done well, and not just in my opinion. The 2008 CTS received the Motor Trend car of the year award. And if it’s luxury you’re after, of course you’ve got options — Mercedes, Jaguar, Infiniti and Lexus, to name a few. But if you want distinction, and something none of your friends drive? A newer generation Cadillac is a great way to go.

Read more: Can I drive a Caddy and still be cool? – The Globe and Mail.

What people don’t yet ‘get’ is that Cadillac is making some of the finest luxury and performance automobiles available today.  If you are young, if you are old, if you LOVE automobiles, if you objectively consider Cadillac I think you will be pleased with what you find.

My only quibble is that I would say 1992 was the beginning of the recovery, and that the ‘start’ of the trouble was in the early 80s, not the early 90s.  For the whole post-war story, see this book.

Also on the horizon of interest to car lovers is the upcoming CTS Coupe due at the end of the summer of 2010.  In 2011 we should hear more about the new ‘smaller than a CTS’ model, the ATS, or Alpha Cadillac.  As it will be less expensive, but still bring the performance, it may be VERY popular with the out of college and got a great job crowd.

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