Power and Ice — a delicate mix #Motorama

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, my large, performance-focused rear-wheel drive Cadillac STS-V handled just fine in the ice we got here in the Dallas area.


With my Roadster taking up all the warm garage space, the STS-V was left to brave the cold on the driveway, which disappeared under about an inch of ice.

The only issue when we did manage to get out on the roads was ground clearance — when only ruts were available as traffic dug through the ice and shifted it to the center of the road then the STS-V aero underbelly would plow the center ice a bit.

The Stabilitrak and traction control help with keeping things in hand when they might otherwise get out of hand.  I also used the performance manual-automatic shifting option to start in 2nd gear in some cases, making it easier to ease forward off the ice.

As always, let caution be your guide of course, and assume anyone else you see out on the ice needs plenty of room to maneuver.

All in all the STS-V did very well and I would not hesitate to take it out again in foul weather.

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