Oh, its only 14 hours

I enjoy drives with my family.   We learned simple rules, like stop every 2 or 3 hours and stretch, get a snack, gas or a meal if needed, and back on the road.

Our ‘long’ regular trip is from Plano Texas to Georgetown, South Carolina to visit my Wife’s family.   That tends to be a 20 hour drive.  Some years we tried to do it in 2 parts, stopping overnight along the way.  After bad experiences with hotel stays, we just decided that if you keep going eventually you get there.  Now we leave home at 7 am and arrive there at 3 or 4 am the next day.     It is a long driving day, but you end up with more vacation time at our destination in the bargain.

Today we’re headed back from Indianapolis to Plano.   Hopefully it will take around 14 hours.   Compared to our South Carolina trips, the family thinks of this as a shorter trip lol.   But we’ll generally follow the same pace, stopping every couple of hours 0r as needed.

On the way here we were regaled with Irish Drinking songs, but on the way back I suspect the singers will still be asleep most of the way.  I am not sure when they finally got back to the hotel, but good that it was before we left!

There is some promise of speech practice sessions, and of course the Cadillac has XM radio with plentiful choices for third party entertainments.  Should be a fun driving day.  After all, it’s only 14 hours.   If I can ever get everyone awake, and their stuff in the car, and on the road…

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