Cadillac: the New Standard of the World

Cadillac is considering adopting a new marketing slogan:

Cadillac, the New Standard of the World

Let’s revisit the history of how Cadillac became the Standard of the World.

Upon award of the prestigious Dewar Trophy to Cadillac in 1908, the Royal Automobile Club of England proclaimed Cadillac “Standard of the World” for precision manufacture.  This is not a self made claim, or marketing slogan, but recognition of the engineering and precision manufacturing of a remarkable automobile.    In fact, the Dewar Trophy is given “to the motor car which should successfully complete the most meritorious performance or test furthering the interests and advancement of the [automobile] industry”.  This was the first time that an American car had won the award.

Cadillac continues today to produce beautiful, carefully engineered automobiles with the latest technologies in manufacture.    The resulting modern Cadillac is a joy, with world class performance and luxury while maintaining a uniquely American style.

Cadillac The New Standard of the World.

The New Cadillacs, made with a precise attention to detail, craftsmanship,  and desire to achieve excellence that places Cadillac among the world’s greatest motorcars.

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