More Cadillac XLR baseline Virtual Dyno runs

XLR Retest Sunday 3 way Comparison

Couple of quick runs today to gain more data to see what consistent results look like.  The red and blue runs are both done today, from two different test locations.  The green run is run 3 from yesterday at the same location as the blue run.

I altered my test method to lock the XLR into 2nd gear for the test, so that we get a longer look at the torque curve and so that we see how the hp falls off or sustains from 6000-6700 rpm.  XLR retest sunday flat blue

For today’s test Engine Coolant Temp stayed at 199F so out of ECT retard, and the advance was a healthy 25.5 degrees at 6558.  Piston protection kicks in at 6000 RPM and the engine adds 0.5 air fuel ratio AFR to command 12.0 as shown.  The LH2 appears to like a bit more rich, so that’s something to look at another day.

XLR sunday retest calc hp

This chart shows the XLR PCM’s calculated HP and Torque values, not corrected for conditions, and not smoothed.  This graph corresponds to the blue line on the Virtual Dyno chart.  I am including it here as another point of comparison for what the XLR calculates is happening during the run.

My conclusion is that today’s runs are consistent within a range of yesterday’s run.  I prefer today’s method of locking the gear so that we get higher RPM info.

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