Mister, can you Spare a Speedline?

After my recent tire fun, I decided I would like to have an extra front wheel/tire available for my 2008 Cadillac STS-V.

Today I got this package in the mail:

Cadillac STS-V Speedline Front Wheel

Cadillac STS-V Speedline Front Wheel

This Italian beauty technically comes from Speedline, but it came along to me via our friends at Direct Performance, the top ebay seller for new and take-off Cadillac wheels.  This example is a new, never mounted wheel.

I always enjoy doing business with Direct, and highly recommend them if  you need wheels.

STS-V Speedline Front Wheel Rear View

STS-V Speedline Front Wheel Rear View

The back shows the Speedline info as well as production lot and sizing info (18″ x 8.5″ x 51 mm) for the wheel.  It was produced on line “A” 06/09/07, at 2:16:08 by shift C as noted along the wheel circumference, and accepted by Inspector 43.

Next I’ll be headed over to Discount Tire to have some rubber added.  I am going without a TPM, since this is for a spare and I won’t want to reprogram the TPM system each time it goes on.


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