Jane shoots Mac Daddy Caddy

Writer Jane Devin of FindingMyAmerica.com was kind enough to send me these street shots of a cool Cadillac she saw:

Mac Daddy Caddy

Mac Daddy Caddy © Jane Devin

Mac Daddy Caddy

Mac Daddy Caddy custom Emblem © Jane Devin

Mac Daddy Caddy

Mac Daddy Caddy Custom Interior © Jane Devin

Thank goodness for the custom logo, as it allowed me to find the rest of the story on this vehicle here: http://www.cadillacworld.net/64cad.html

This 1964 Cadillac Coupe Deville was restored and improved by Christopher Sabatino (Doc Sab), a practicing chiropractor in LA.  He also runs Cadillacworld.net, where he offers custom restored Cadillacs and Cadillac parts. He really seems like a great Cadillac guy.

This car features:

  • Fabricated seats covered in Cadillac-correct upholstery
  • Hand made center console
  • Pearlized steering wheel by Pearlcraft in Australia
  • Air horns, Train horns, and extra engine cooling for LA traffic
  • Lots more — check the website: http://www.cadillacworld.net/64cad.html

and you can see this car in the video below, from min 2:32 or so:

The 64 Cadillac is also setup with Flamethrower exhaust, which is demo’d at the end of the video.

Cool Car Doc Sab!  Thanks to Jane Devin for sending!  If YOU shoot photos of a cool Cadillac and would like to share them, contact me via Facebook or Twitter!

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