Caddyinfo Twitter Updates for 2009-12-03

  • RT @neurodrive1: 2010 Cadillac CTS-V: The editors at have driven the Cadillac CTS-V and report #
  • RT @GMTexas: RT @GMblogs: Watching live webcast of Bob Lutz's Motor Guild Keynote – #GM #laautoshow #
  • RT @THEGROVELA: Get the first look at the Cadillac 2011 CTS Coupe TODAY @TheGroveLA! Special unveiling at 7pm tonight, Wednesday Dec 2. #
  • RT @antgoo: I challenge you to show me a sexier extended range EV than the Cadillac Converj: #
  • Cadillac licensing: RT @taetaelicious: Just saw a girl with a bag w/ a cadillac symbol, WTF???? Cadi makes bags now. #
  • RT @elitetravelgal: RT @THEGROVELA: Only 5 more hours – the Cadillac 2011 CTS Coupe unveiled @TheGroveLA tonight at 7pm! #
  • False familiarity : People think they know Cadillac Brand but need to Look Again RT @BayAreaCadillac: Bryan Nesbitt #
  • Meet Cadillac’s New Boss | The Big Money: #
  • The Man Who Can Save GM – #
  • Almost HAS to be an 'outsider' and needs to be someone who can let Lutz lead and learn on the job lol #carchat #
  • Have to if $10K battery RT @stradablog: @cbaccus re Volt Lutz this morning mentioned that batteries should last 100,000 miles #carchat #
  • I hope Volt itself not lease only; echo of EV1 RT @stradablog: @caddyinfo the idea would be to lease at least the batteries #carchat #
  • Drop off empty and get charged battery at dealer service stations RT @SeanRLoh: @stradablog Leasing the batteries is the way to go #carchat #
  • More battery more power more performance = Converj hopefully @BarryLowman Bigger electric motors 4 more power #carchat #
  • @SeanRLoh I like hydrogen for a home fueling solution; solar power station -> hydrogen generation #carchat in reply to SeanRLoh #
  • I am excited about any system I can generate fuel for at home. Solar -> battery or Solar -> hydrogen #carchat #
  • Automatic unplug & retrieval to make it 'wife' proof lol RT @mikejuergens: @azulejost I predict people are going to be tripping #carchat #
  • Is GM really behind in transmissions still? Needs a DCT 8 speed for Corvette, CTS-V? #carchat #
  • Yes, inductive parking pad RT @AmbersandDesign: @cbaccus A charging station "pad" you pull onto, no chords. Charges #carchat #
  • Hope not. the Converj needs to be MORE RT @SeanRLoh: @caddyinfo I don't think so I think the Converj will retain exact powertrain #carchat #
  • No. RT @janedevin: Taking a quick poll – who in my twitter stream reads stories on Whrrl? #
  • chips – Cadillac Discussion Forum #
  • @AutoReview yeah, me too. another social media tool? to "Capture your life on the go". in reply to AutoReview #

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