Caddyinfo Twitter Updates for 2009-12-04

  • Thanks! RT @twittibiz: Caddyinfo Twitter Updates for 2009-12-02 #
  • RT @AutoWeekUSA: BMW unleashes ActiveHybrid X6: #
  • RT @maryhenige: @dmscott See my comment on your WebInkNow post re #GM Chairman & social web – we're in! #
  • Thank you! RT @jeremymcnamara: Caddyinfo Twitter Updates for 2009-12-03 #
  • @maryhenige Loved your direct, open response to David Scott; internally GM culture seems quite open and fluid. Good message to get out. in reply to maryhenige #
  • RT @rwcmick: #cadillac converj concept. Caddy better start wearing shades, future is bright #
  • Nice way to travel! RT @TV2JohnChr: On our way to Beaver Creek in a brand new Cadillac! #
  • .@ntfb I agree; Success is not just 'making it' but also bringing other people along with you. Giving to @NTFB is a great way to do that. #
  • The Associated Press: GM agrees to reconsider dealer closings: #
  • GM, Chrysler May Reinstate Dealers Under Arbitration (Update1) – #
  • GM Announces Comprehensive Plan to Address Dealer Concerns: #
  • Prolly have the 556hp LSA, Brembo brakes, MR Susp like V Sedan. which specs? RT @mhousto: any specs out on the CTS V coupe #
  • RT @Gurdonark: I like the way that the arts let people speak languages together that more prosaic words might never permit. #
  • RT Art Walk: Brought to You By Cadillac? #
  • RT @KickingTires 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe: Up Close – KickingTires #
  • LOL: He's doing it right RT @pagan43: Shopping today: Me votive candles, Harry and David pears,Sonic lemonberry slushie. Him: new Cadillac. #
  • BMW’s Electric Mini Rollout Yields ‘Painful’ Lessons (Update2) – #
  • @DavidAnton How do you mean in complete disarray? Trouble finding something? in reply to DavidAnton #
  • Phoenix 1901: Cadillac SRX commercial: RT @TeddyMelchionda: loves the song in cadillac commercial #
  • .@DavidAnton Don't think Ad agency does the Cadillac website, but maybe. Does .@gmblogs know Cadillac website team contact info? #
  • @DavidAnton I tried sending in a website error to the site 'email us', so next is wait and see if anyone responds. in reply to DavidAnton #
  • Phoenix 1901: @CarsenBerry: Really likes the song in the Cadillac commercials. Hmm.. only if I knew the name of it?  #
  • RT @BostonCadillac: Check out Cadillac's Season's Best event! Make this holiday season unforgettable: #

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