I loved that car because it…

What makes a really great car great? When I think of the cars I have owned that I really loved, they were not perfect. They were not the fastest cars of their times, or the best handlers, or the most luxurious cars available. So what was it that made them great to me?

First, I think a ‘fun’ car needs to at least have a sun roof, if not a removable / targa type roof or be a convertible.

Most of the ‘fun’ cars I have owned were manual transmission. I am not sure that this is mandatory, but I think it may be. Although modern automatics are almost psychic about when to shift, nothing give you right now acceleration and control like a manual transmission. Also, modern selectable gear automatics may give similar control; not sure yet.

Finally, it strikes me that the cars I have loved had little else in common. They may have been reliable or not, they may have been expensive or not. They were however each unique in their own way, and long-lasting in that I *wanted* to continue driving them for a long time because I enjoyed driving them. And when it comes to cars, that’s what it is all about.

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