Most collectible current Cadillac?

Among the current production Cadillacs which are the most collectible?    I think there are very obvious choices, like the XLR-V and STS-V.    The XLR and XLR-V because of their very low production numbers and hardtop convertible are naturals for collectors.  The STS-V is my personal pick for most underappreciated vehicle Cadillac makes today.  With a supercharged, 4.4L Northstar making 469hp, it is a jewel of a vehicle.  Think professional athelete in a finely tailored Italian suit. 

The new 556hp CTS-V will likewise be a very collectible car when we look back a decade or two down the road.  Power, handling, looks, luxury, it has it all.  But I think the STS-V or the XLR-V would be my picks for most overlooked and most likely to be treasured a decade from now.

 To me that is one of the interesting facets of collector cars — sometimes it is just finally having the ability to own a car you lusted after as a teen or young adult.  But other times I think it is the ability to appreciate a car that does a really excellent job of the task it was designed for.  And to me, the STS-V meets that criteria best.  It is an executive sedan with huge power, exquisite manners, and no compromises.

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