Understanding Cadillac news coverage

Lately there have been several news / rumor articles on various general car sites that Cadillac may come out with a CTS Coupe V Series model (Likely), or perhaps a CTS Sport Wagon V Series model (unlikely). Certainly it is easy to see that if the new LSA 6.2L Supercharged V8 fits in the CTS-V sedan, the same wonder-powertrain can fit into the CTS Sport Wagon or CTS Coupe.

But the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V is NOT just a CTS with a big engine option.  It has specific suspension components, performance brakes, different hubs and wheels, and a variety of other performance related bits.  Could Cadillac do all in and make a CTS Sport Wagon -V?  Sure.  Does it make sense to do all that engineering work so they can see a few hundred of them?  Nope.

Now, the CTS Coupe V Series may be a different beast, as it may be the PREFERRED platform for the V-series driver.

So I predict that we may see a V-series Coupe, but not a V-series Sport Wagon.  I would be the first one to be happy for Sport Wagon fans if Cadillac does manage to produce a V-series version of every Cadillac model including the Sport Wagon.  But I will be surprised if they do.

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