Highlights reel – GM spans 100 years in one Volt

Today GM celebrated their corporate 100th birthday with a live, streaming video teleconference with the world. If you missed the opportunity to watch this live today, here is a highlights reel from GM:

People from a variety of GM locations around the world spoke about how GM is doing in their locale, then the Chevrolet Volt extended range vehicle was shown.   In the highlights reel you get a feel for a couple of international speakers, but not their actual presentation.  Then it swaps to still photos of cars, and part of Rick Wagoner’s speech.  Total is 9:05 minutes.

The world is asking for a new solution, and we at GM are committed to giving them that solution.
The most exciting time in my GM Career, …and one of the most exciting times in our 100 year history.

Some sections appear designed for local media to add voice-over commentary, so just enjoy the silence there OR make believe that there IS sound, but that because it is the Volt it is too silent to hear (at least during the extended shots of the Volt).

Also shown:

  • Some exterior and interior shots of the Volt.
  • Bob Lutz speaks on battery development.
  • Ed Welburn speaks on design and the influence of new materials and technologies.

Overall a good day for GM.  The amazing thing is not that GM would celebrate 100 years.  The amazing thing is that they did it with live streaming across the internet, involving people inside GM from around the world, and anyone else who wanted to listen in.

Above all, it is to demonstrate to the world that we are more than a 100 year old company.  We are a company that is ready to lead for 100 years to come.

Well done.

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