In the Drive-way, So Red Escalade Pics #Motorama

My Cadillac STS-V is over for some service at Crest Cadillac in Plano, who kindly provided an Escalade as a loaner.  What do we do when we have a Cadillac out to drive?  Enjoy driving it, and take lots of pictures.

So far my favorite features for the Escalade are:

  • Cylinder deactivation to save fuel — V4 mode on the highway, V8 mode if power is needed
  • Floorboards automatically lower to get in/out or retract up to the body when underway
  • Huge tracts of interior space, with 3 row seating!

My least favorite features are:

  • No blue-tooth connection for hands-free cell phone
  • Actual key instead of keyless ignition

Could I live with an Escalade as a daily driver?  Yes.  It is large, but I think that is probably an acquired taste.  People enjoy large SUV’s because one is removed somewhat and isolated from traffic, and one can see very well in traffic when sitting up so high.

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