Carroll Custom Cadillac – Restoration and Performance in a Rural Setting


Today I had a lovely visit with Tim Carroll at Carroll Custom Cadillac in Pilot Point, Texas.   Tim is a master craftsman busy restoring and improving Cadillac automobiles both old and new in a beautiful country-side environment.

And what are Carroll Custom Cadillac up to in Pilot Point, Texas?  Cadillacs.

This first gallery is a 1949 Cadillac Limo under complete restoration.  Carroll Custom Cadillac is doing a frame-off paint and restoration, down to the individual bolt and fastener.  The 331 engine is out of the car getting overhauled one building over.


Modern era Cadillac also have a warm place next to the hearth here as well.  There were several Cadillac Northstar engines in work.

Carroll Cadillac offers a permanent fix to any head gasket or head bolt issues with the Northstar — engine studs with a lifetime warranty.


This Cadillac was in from China to have a new intake, exhaust, hood induction, and computer tuning.  International import and restoration is an interesting highlight at Carroll Custom Cadillac, and recommends the quality work and assured success.  It would be very hard for international Customers to bring their Cadillac back around for a minor fix after it gets shipped overseas!

This Cadillac Coupe de-Ville  was in from Europe for an update and refresh.  The Owner left personal notices in a variety of languages attached the inside of the windows requesting shippers take special care of the vehicle to ensure it arrived safely.


Tim’s brother continues the family business in Ridgefield, WA, but Tim is planning additional square footage and expanded services here in Texas.  The shops for now are ‘by-invitation-only’, so please call head or email Carroll Custom Cadillac with your specific needs.  First topic is usually to schedule your Cadillac repair so that it arrives at the shop with the Team ready to address it, and is in and out and back on the road as soon as possible.

Overall I enjoyed my visit with Tim and the Carroll Custom Cadillac shops, and look forward to checking in on him again another day.  Now I definitely know where I would bring a Cadillac restoration job!!

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