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Empire Covers contacted me recently to ask if I would review their Titan Quatro 4L car cover for my 2008 Cadillac STS-V.

I asked that they send me a cover that would be great for sun, and good in the dust we get here in Texas.  Using the easy gadgets on their website I was able to focus in on the Cadillac car covers that would fit my STS-V, and the protection levels each type of car cover offers.  I suggested the Titan Quatro since it offers Sun 5 and Dust 5 protection levels.  My STS-V is a size 4 in the Empire system.

Empire Car Cover de-boxing

Six days later and I have the car cover on my doorstep — I like fast service and delivery.  I put it on the car right out of the box, then took it off the Cadillac and put it on the right-way round after I saw that the part of the cover that read “Front” was just in the middle of the back.

Empire Car Cover on the Cadillac STS-V

This cover is described by Empire as

We’ve taken our years of cover experience and created the ultimate outdoor/indoor cover with 4 layers ultrasonically welded together to ensure 100% waterproof protection. The cover works as a total protective system, the pinnacle of cover technology.

A key concern here in Texas is keeping the cover on in the wind.  This cover came with options Empire Covers Gust Guard tie-downs front and back, and the bag stays attached via a lanyard to the cover itself.  The Gust Guard is a separate product that works with the cover to keep it in place when you anticipate more wind than the elastic band on the bottom of the cover can accommodate.  The GustGuard on the Empire site uses bungee cords, but the one I received has 2 adjustable straps.  Either would work; I mention the difference only for clarity.

With the ties on the cover and the Gust Guard, the Empire car cover should stay in place even in a strong wind and be effective in protecting the car from sun or dust.  Because the Gust Guard connecting straps are easy-on, easy-off, no worries about them getting in the way or scratching the paint when putting the cover on or off.

To avoid my initial error, having the bag attached to the cover acts as a quick identifier for the ‘back’ of the cover, and keeps the bag from getting lost.

Disclosure:  Empirecovers provided the car cover for free so that I could review it.


The Empire Car Cover site was easy to use and I was able to select a cover appropriate to my needs.  The Empire Car Cover arrived quickly and was as-described, and fit my Cadillac.  It appears to be well constructed, and I am happy with the quality.  I believe that the under-car Gust Guard straps will act to keep the cover in place, but I will have to test that in the wind to confirm.

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  1. You do not say how much this cover costs. I called Budge Direct thinking I could get more help and a better price that way. I got very little help and the Rep. did not seem to know the product line at all. Actually told me to go to Wal-Mart or Empire sites for the product and a better price!! WM does not carry the higher quality line and all I got on Empire site was Empire. could not even find/go to Budge. So far I’ve spent 2 hrs trying to look at different sites and am no closer to getting a Budge cover. computer buying is very frustrating!

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