Cars & Coffee Dallas 2011-06-04 Cadillac Report

Headed over to Cars & Coffee Dallas at Classic BMW this morning.  The spirit of Cars & Coffee to me is everyone bringing out their ‘weekend’ cars, park them in a convenient spot, then walk around, look at cars, and chat with other people who enjoy chatting about cars.

Emily and Charlie brought out Emily’s 2006 Cadillac STS-V and parked the V and Charlie’s CrossFire Corvette next to my 2008 STS-V.  Emily and Charlie actually each have STS-V’s but were bringing the Vette out to show.  Loved their stories of various adventures traveling to research cars over the years.

You can tell the close family resemblance across the STS-V series years; the model was produced from 2006-2009.

Judging from the wheels, I think this is a 1992 Allante next to a 1996 Eldorado, both of which looked clean and well cared for.

I snapped this CTS Coupe in Black Diamond so you can see the very aggressive flaking in the black paint.   You can’t see the flakes at all without direct sunlight, then they literally glitter in the sun.

Classic Cadillacs were represented by this old school convertible Cadillac DeVille

Jesse DiGiroloma brought out his custom Cadillac DTS done by Jesse’s JD’s Custom Auto


with a full custom audio setup in the trunk.  They also offer other custom auto services such as video headrests and custom navigation system installs.

Looked like some very nice detail work on the whole setup.  Although I had guessed this setup was best for parking lot listening, actually the sound is channeled back into the Cadillac.

All in all it was a fun morning, and then I headed out to lunch at Freddy’s with Charlie from, Berry from, Sally Cannon from Cannon Academy of Money, LLC, and entourage (sorry I forgot one name).


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